About US


We at Cornerstone Classical Community are striving to provide a Classical Christian Education for our children.  That means that we:


  • Teach for wisdom and virtue, rather than mere vocation, which alters the focus of education to who we become, not what we know.  We seek, with the Apostle Paul, to be “transformed by the renewal” of our minds (Rom. 12:1-2).


  • Teach students how to learn, not what to think. Students are taught to understand the basic components of an idea, synthesize and connect those components with others, and then formulate and articulate their own ideas about it. By providing the “tools of learning,” students can approach any subject, idea, or problem with the needed knowledge and skills.


  • Instill the love of learning. Their God-given desire to know is captured and cultivated by an exciting and joy-filled learning environment.