frequently asked questions:


When and where does the co-op meet?

We meet at Risen Life Church (2780 E. 3900 S. in Millcreek) from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. on Thursdays from September through May. Families who opt out of Latin will begin the day at 9:15 a.m. All are encouraged to bring a lunch and fellowship afterwards.

how much does the co-op cost?

We strive to keep costs to a minimum and only charge the required fees to cover insurance, facility use, and supplies (generally around $100 per student for the year). A $30 application deposit per student goes toward supply fees.

is there a nursery?

Yes. A nursery is provided for siblings of students enrolled in the co-op. Children aged from birth through pre-k are welcome in the nursery, although we try to not exceed 8 children total. Infants can be left in the nursery or kept with their moms. Mothers of children in the nursery take turns overseeing nursery duties.

are parents required to teach at the co-op?

Because we are a co-op, we depend on the time and talent of the parents in our community. At least one parent is expected to contribute in an assigned role and stay on the premises during the co-op day.

what additional supplies are required?

In the lower school, most supplies and books are covered under the supply fee and provided by the co-op, the exception being a spiral-bound nature journal with plain white, thick pages and Latin workbooks (if students are taking Latin).

In the upper school, art supplies and printouts are covered under the supply fee and provided by the co-op. Purchase of textbooks and literary works are required for most classes.

is latin a required class?

In keeping with the Classical and Charlotte Mason priorities of the co-op, families are strongly encouraged to participate in the Latin classes. However, some families prefer to teach their children a different foreign language, therefore an exception is made for those families. Latin classes at the co-op are from 8:30-9:15 a.m.; for families who opt out of Latin, the co-op day begins at 9:15.

what do parents need to teach at home?

In the lower school, the co-op supplements home education by providing some of the valuable, but often neglected, aspects of a classical/Charlotte Mason education, such as nature study, art, music, poetry, Shakespeare study, and read-alouds from classic literature. Aside from memory work, there is very little “homework” for students in the lower school. As much as possible, we encourage families to continue the atmosphere and disciplines of this educational philosophy in their homes by:

  • reading a variety of living books related to science, geography, history, and Bible;

  • requiring children to narrate both orally and (when appropriate) in written form;

  • providing necessary reading and language arts instruction (e.g., grammar, spelling, handwriting);

  • engaging in memorization of poetry, scripture, literature, etc., particularly the assigned poetry and hymn selections which students will recite and sing at co-op.

  • supplying a developmentally-appropriate math curriculum.

  • participating in additional science, social studies, foreign language, physical education, handiwork, and music instruction at the parent’s discretion.

In the upper school, the co-op furnishes the main foundation of a family’s home education by providing instruction in Latin, science, literature, writing, social studies, and art. Families must supplement co-op instruction with their own choice of mathematics and electives courses.

is this co-op a good fit for my family?

We are a diverse community and we celebrate individuality. As homeschoolers, we enjoy flexibility and self-direction, which are things the co-op does not wish to minimize. At the same time, we want members to uphold common values of Christian belief and practice, classical and Charlotte Mason philosophies of education, and full participation in the life of the community. With this shared foundation, we hope to create a space for children and parents to be nurtured, challenged, and encouraged in our home education endeavors.

how do i join?

The first step to joining is contacting us with any additional questions and requesting an application. To ensure that the co-op is a good fit, new families are asked to be sponsored by a current member of the co-op and/or interviewed by the leadership team. An application and $30 deposit are required for each student.

where can i learn more about classical and charlotte mason educational philosophies?

We recommend the following website, blogs, and podcasts: