upper school classes (6th-12th grades)

In the upper school, students are introduced to the great ideas and debates of the past through study of classic works of art, literature, and history. Students are taught to understand the basic components of an idea, synthesize and connect those components with others, and then formulate and articulate their own ideas about it. The goal for the student is to understand the consequences of theories, ideas, and actions. 

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Selections for literature are taken from the great books. Students engage in a Socratic method of discussion with the goal of discovering virtue and goodness through the ancient method of commonplacing.


Using The Lost Tools of Writing I & II, students practice the first three canons of classical rhetoric: Invention, Arrangement, and Elocution. 

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  • LATIN (elective)

Students have the option of studying Latin using Latin Alive! in Middle School which will prepare them for AP Latin in High School. Emphasis is placed on making Latin relevant, rigorous, and engaging. 


Novare Earth Science in Middle School and Novare Physics in High School draw students into close engagement with the subject matter, providing a solid education and fostering a sense of wonder and responsibility for God’s amazing world.

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Students gain a rich understanding of our nation's past using history narrative, primary source material, classic American literature, hands-on projects, writing assignments, and biblical integration.

  • ART

Pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty extends to the visual arts as students learn to appreciate the works of great artists and practice the fundamentals of drawing and working with diverse artistic mediums

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